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Let us help you achieve your dreams. Whether you want to travel, buy a home or save for retirement. Download an information pack to find out how you can be on your way to realising your goals. The pack will detail the application process, the identification required and how to transfer funds.

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Offering Memorandum

Want to find out more? Access our Offering Memorandum to find out the nitty-gritty about investing with us. The Offering Memorandum details our investment strategy, the government regulations we operate under, who can invest with us and the limitations, risks and benefits of investing with Ten Talents Capital Limited.

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Our Fees

Our fees are divided into two components: a management fee and a performance fee.

Management Fee. Our standard management fee is 2%. This covers our ongoing operating costs.  The fee is deducted from your investment (in four installments of 0.5%), at the end of each quarter.

Performance Fee. The performance fee is 20% of profits. However, this fee is assessed only if the Fund outperforms the ASX200, and then only on the portion of profits that are greater than the stock market’s return. For example, if the ASX200 goes up by 2% in a quarter, and the Fund returns 5%, then we deduct 20%, but only from the 3% excess return. Moreover, this fee only applies if the investor’s account is at all time highs.

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